Breaking the corrosion cycle

Paint it with feeling!

5 Tonnes of steel are lost to corrosion every second! Copsys Intelligent Digital Skin (CIDS) is the first paint with feelings – able to remotely detect and accurately locate coating barrier failure in real time before corrosion can occur. CIDS advanced coating-integrated cathodic protection stops corrosion before it can occur, ensuring a good night’s sleep, not just for rust, but for asset owners and operators!

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

CUI is a leading contributor to process safety risk in global process industries, consuming 40 to 60% of facility maintenance budgets. Largely unseen and undetected, CUI is responsible for forced shutdowns, lost production, early repair and replacement, and potentially catastrophic safety and environmental consequences.

Manual visual inspection campaigns require access to difficult to reach locations, wasteful removal, disposal and replacement of insulation and cladding, provide only temporal snap shots of asset health.

Copsys Intelligent Digital Skin (CIDS) offers a game-changing alternative to conventional CUI management strategies involving close visual inspection of process piping and equipment. CIDS will replace costly manual inspection with a persistent digital presence and live asset health status and ongoing active protection.

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